Reward Points

What are Devon Vapour Reward Points ?

Our reward points are our way of giving something back to our regular, loyal customers for returning to shop at Devon Vapour.

Reward points are collected when you shop with us. 90% of our products have reward points attached to them. This means that reward points will be collected every time you buy them and in turn you can use your reward points to discount the cost of these items in future.

Much like high street club card points, we reward our customers for shopping with us online. Your reward points never expire and can be used over many transactions. This means you can choose when to spend the reward points that you have earned at a time that suits you. You do not have to use all your reward points in one go, you can choose exactly how many you would like to use at the checkout.

If a product has the reward point system attached to it then you will find the price of the product in reward points in small writing underneath the  price tag on your product information page. Not only does our system tell you how many points are needed to get the product for free but it will also tell you how many reward points will be gained should you buy the product. Your reward points can also be used to part-pay for your goods.

How to use your reward points

If you have any reward points attached to your online account then when you get to checkout, our system will ask you if you would like to use your reward points before paying for your goods. Please note that you have to be signed into your account and not checking out as a guest for our reward point system to work.

Simply tell ushow many points you would like to use for your purchase and we will automatically change your reward points into money and reduce your bill by this amount.

If you have any further questions about our reward points system then please contact us on 07580 580 7744