Electronic cigarettes are a new phenomenon and many are unsure how to use them, how they charge and so on. We have put this simple page together, hopefully outlining all the aspects of how to use an Electronic Cigarette.

Q. Inhaling Technique for beginners
A. Moving from tobacco to electronic cigarettes needs a little time and patience. Although this is not a long or complicated process, most users make the transition to electronic smoking without difficulty; however frustrations can arise when learning how to inhale.
You should inhale slow and steady for at least 2-3 seconds for the best experience and sensation and retain the vapour for a couple of seconds before exhaling.
Take in the vapour (lung inhale) or hold the vapour in your mouth, similar to the technique used to smoke.
The above methods will provide a nicotine hit, however the choice is yours. Therefore a few long and deep inhales will return the same effect as a regular cigarette.
An average smoker should need to inhale no more than 7 times to receive the full effect. Many users ARE satisfied with just 2 to 5 correct puffs.  The advantage over tobacco cigarettes is you only need to inhale a couple of times at your leisure and then resume later.

Q. The process to charge a Battery should be as follows:
A. When you notice the blue light (button) on the middle of your Battery starting to flash whilst inhaling, it's time to recharge.
Untwist the battery from the atomizer (filter end)
Screw the battery into the USB adapter and then slot into your PC/Laptop or USB power outlet. Once in the USB power outlet, you can identify when the battery is charging as the blue light  will flash and the green light on usb will be lit red once fully charge it will turn green .The recharge time normally lasts up to 2-3 hours. You can then remove from USB power outlet, unscrew from adapter and then re-attach to a atomizer. That completes the recharging process.

Q. When it's charged – How long does it last?
A. This varies and depends on the amount of puffs you take. A light user could see a 20-24 hours use even longer - a medium user 8-12 hours - a constant heavy users as little as 3 hours. We would strongly recommend a spare battery so that you can gain optimum use of your E-Cigarette.

Q. Can I charge my  battery with a 3rd party USB Adaptor or vice versa?
A. NO. We take NO responsibility for users using other parts when recharging.

Q. How do I fill my atomizer?
A. When filling the tank you must unscrew the black mouthpiece gently. Now when looking at the inside of the tank you want to slowly drip the liquid down the wall of the tank. DO NOT put liquid into the centre hold as this will break your atomizer. Put the tip of your e liquid bottle on the side of the tank wall and let the liquid slowly drip into the tank. Be very careful not to overfill the tank above its 1.6ml capacity as this can cause damage to the unit.

Q. How do I know when the atomizer needs changing or how long does it last?
A. There are a number of signals which indicate the atomizer needs to be changed. Vapour volume will decrease though there may still be some visible vapour present, but the flavour will change and result in the loss of nicotine delivery sensation. The flavour may become slightly bitter when depleted. Always make sure your battery is charged sufficiently before changing the wick. An undercharged battery can also lead to loss of vapour.

Q. How do I change the atomizer wick?
A. To change your atomizer head you simply unscrew the base of the tank and remove the centre column of the unit. Now gently unscrew the head of the unit and then gently screw your new replacement coil into the thread and replace the centre column back into the tank. Screw the base of the tank back together and refill as normal. Your atomizer will now be successfully changed and taste excellent again.

Q. What are the ingredients in the e-liquid refills
A. The  premium e-liquid main ingredient is made up of extract flavouring, liquid-nicotine, vegetable and propylene glycol.

Q. Why do you use vegetable & propylene glycol.
A. We feel that using these substances would be a preferred choice for our customers and it gives the best vape experience.

Q. What is vegetable glycol and is it harmful to me
A. It's a carbohydrate that is normally sourced from plant oils. Vegetable glycol can be found in toothpaste for example.

Q. What is propylene glycol and is it harmful to me
A. It's a colourless, nearly odourless, clear, viscous liquid with a faintly sweet taste. Propylene glycol can be found in smoke machines at night clubs and used as a food additive with the E number E1520.

Q. How is the vapour made
A. Air is drawn into the atomization chamber which combines the heated air and nicotine to give you the same feeling as smoking. The vapour tastes and feels just like the smoke from a normal cigarette.

Q. What are the positive of using E-Cigarettes over tobacco based cigarettes?
A. Tobacco based cigarettes contain a combination of up to 4000 chemicals which can include carbon monoxide, arsenic and tar. E-Cigarettes DON'T!

Q. Does the vapour smell or leave a smell in the air?
A. The vapour is odourless and dissipates within seconds. It doesn't linger unlike cigarette smoke. It doesn't give you 'smokers breath' or leave your hands and clothes smelling of cigarettes either.

Q. Can I Smoke E-Cigarettes anywhere?
A. As electronic cigarettes do not fall under the 'public smoking ban' theoretically yes you can. However at the discretion of the venue you are in.