Chef’s Concentrates

Two professional Chefs who love vaping and everything that comes with it. They are on a mission to bring you the best tasting E-Liquids using only the best ingredients they can find.

Chef’s Flavours 30ml Concentrates are designed to be used with PG & VG in DIY E-liquid and should not be vaped on their own.

New Arrivals:

Dark Affair: Deeply juicy blackcurrants, tart mixed berries, aromatic anise, chilling mint and fresh, icy menthol. (20%)
Irish Macchiato: Freshly roasted, brewed coffee with just the right amount of creamy milk, a splash of salted caramel and a cheeky drop of Irish cream. (20%)
Rings: A warm, fried doughnut with an irresistible, sticky sweet glaze (10%)
RY-Hazelnut: Expertly blended RY4 complimented by creamy, nutty Hazelnuts. (10%)
Toffee Apple Doughnut: A warm, freshly baked, soft doughnut with a sweet, caramelised apple filling (10%)

Biscuits, Cakes & Custards:

Banana Nutter Butter: The perfect blend of banana and peanut butter (22.5%)
Banoffee Cookie Dough: Banana with Cookie added a hint of toffee for a very moreish vape. (20%)
Bienenstich: Vanilla Sponge Cake, Caramelised Almond, Butter Cream (23%)
Biscuit Gravy: Take a pack of biscuits, smash them up, and smother them in creamy custard. (17.5%)
Cookies & Cream: Cookies & Cream Butter Cookie with Cream (20%)
Custard Cream: Traditional Custard Cream Biscuit (21.5%)
Doughnut King: It’s a beautifully glazed doughnut filled with delicious vanilla custard. (20%)
Mexican Fried Ice Cream: Vanilla Ice Cream, Cereal, Almond, Cinnamon, Coconut (20%)
Nice Custard Cream: Custard cream with sugary coconut biscuit (25%)
Stuffed: Raspberry Cheesecake stuff inbetween two slices of french toast (21%)
Virtual Custard: Vanilla Custard with a few secret flavourings. (20%)
Welsh Custard – A traditional thick, smooth and creamy custard straight from the valleys!

Old School Range:

Caramel Cappuccino: A Strong Cappuccino flavour with a lovely dose of Caramel. (15%)
Ginger Rogers: Rich Gingerbread with added Coconut, and a creamy Butterscotch aftertaste. (20%)
Kwal Bakes Well: Karl’s take on the classic Cherry Bakewell (13.5%)
Old Fashioned: Milky Rice Pudding with Cinnamon and Nutmeg, finished with a thick Vanilla Cream (21.5%)
Jam Roly Poly: Suet Sponge, Raspberry, Custard (20%)
Queen of Puddings: Blackcurrant jam and topped with meringue (20%)
Spotted Dick: Steamed Sponge with Raisins and Custard

Froot Range:

Chubbzy: Blueberry and Grape Bubblegum. (15%)
Guango: Guava, Mango and Ice (18.5%)
Jungle Juice: Hints of banana, an after taste of mango and everything in between! (22%)
Passionate Pineapple: Passion fruit and pineapple with citrus undertones. (17%)
Tickle Me Pink: Guava, Mixed Berries, Apple (18%)
Twilight: Succulent peaches and coconut with a hint of strawberry (18%)

Refresh Range:

Blue Lush: Blue Raspberry Slush (10%)
Green Lush: Lime Slush (20%)
Grandmas Lemonade: Traditional Lemonade (20%)
Grapple Lemonade: Grape and Apple Lemonade (14.5%)

I See Creams:

Hazel Dream: Hazelnut Ice Cream (22%)
Twist: Strawberry, Lime, Pineapple Ice Cream (15.5%)
You Jelly: Raspberry Jelly and Ice Cream (20%)
Strawberry Vapetto: Strawberry Ice Cream Cone (20%)

Envious Range:

Green Envy: A blend of Absinthe, Blackcurrant and Lime with a Cool Blast Finish (20%)
Pink Envy: Rhubarb, Anise, Gin, Lemon, Cooler (20%)
NV27: Absinthe anise, orange and pineapple, black jack meets fruit salad with a cold finish (23%)
Red Envy: Strawberry, Raspberry, Aniseed, Cooler (16.5%)

Red Reaper: Bold juicy berries out of the dark forest with some sweet anise and an icy finish (5%)


RY-Whore: A nutty caramel tobacco blend (20%)