Pixie Juice Concentrates

New from The Alchemists Cupboard. Pixie Juice are the latest line of Brand New flavours. Based on the popular flavours from various disposables, Pixie Juice are flavourful and will truly tantalise your taste buds. Pixie Juice One Shot Concentrates will deliver a wonderfully refreshingly fruity vape experience whatever your mix.

Apple Peach: Delicious juicy notes of soft peaches that have been blended together to perfection with crisp green apple undertones
Banana Ice: Ripe notes of creamy bananas that will send your taste buds into full Monkey mode. With a slight cooling ice effect, this creates a refreshingly fruity vape experience with a sublime creamy finish, that will make you go B-A-N-A-N-A-S
Blue Razz Lemonade: The irresistible taste of rich Blueberries, tart, tangy Raspberries and delicious sweet citrus fizz.
Blueberry Sour Raspberry: Sweet and sour notes of blueberries paired with tart raspberries creating a tantalizing vape experience with a fruity aftertaste.
Cherry Cola: The unmistakable taste of the iconic fizzy Cherry Cola beverage flavour we all know and love.
Cola: A take on a classic American soda taste, served over crushed ice, for your pleasure and ultimate refreshment.
Energy Ice: A vibrant energy drink-inspired flavour profile that captures the sweet and tropical taste of your favourite fizzy energy beverage
Kiwi Passionfruit Guava: Captures sweet and tangy notes of exotic kiwis paired with tantalizing passion fruit highlights and tropical guava on the exhale.
Magic Blue: Features a sweet dark berry flavour blend that captures delicious notes of blueberry fused with raspberries in addition to the sharp highlights of blackberries.
Pineapple Peach Mango: Is a luxurious blend of sun-ripened fruits includes fresh, tangy Pineapple, juicy Mangoes and succulent peaches, combining for a mouth-watering treat.
Pink Lemonade: The most refreshing Raspberry Lemonade flavour. The perfect summery soda blend
Strawberry Ice: Distinctive yet tangy-sweet notes of strawberries that will tantalise your taste buds. This is perfectly paired up with an ice finish to create a sweet yet frosty vape experience.
Strawberry Kiwi: A wonderfully delicious blend of sweet and ripe strawberries perfectly balanced together with exotic kiwi for a tropical twist.
Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice: Is a flavour that captures icy sweet notes of strawberries paired with tart raspberries and bold cherry, creating a tantalizing vape experience with a fruity yet cooling aftertaste.
Watermelon Ice: Sweet notes of juicy watermelons that perfectly captures the deliciously sweet flavour of mouth-watering watermelon.

30ml Bottle £8.00 Mix at 20% – Steep for 7 days – Makes 150ml of E-Liquid

Super Shot: 50ml of Concentrate in a 250ml bottle ready to be mixed to your preference £11

How do Super Shots work?

250ml Super Shot Only £11: Contains 50ml of Super Shot DIY E-Liquid Concentrate in a 250ml Bottle. – Make it your own way.

250ml Super Shot 3mg Kit £18: Contains 50ml of Concentrate in a 250ml Bottle + 160ml of VG & 4x 18mg Nicotine Shots. Finished Ratio 30PG/70VG

250ml Super Shot 6mg Kit £22: Contains 50ml of Concentrate in a 250ml Bottle + 120ml of VG & 8x 18mg Nicotine Shots. Finished Ratio 30PG/70VG

250ml Super Shot 12mg Kit £28: – Contains 50ml of Concentrate in a 250ml bottle. 16x 18mg Nicotine Shots & 4x 30/70 Booster Shots. Finished Ratio 44PG/56VG

All Pixie Juice Concentrates are PG based and intended for the home user. Strength of flavour is always at the users preference. This product is not designed to be vaped without diluting or mixing first. There can be noticeable colour differences between different batches of the same flavour. This is a natural result of the flavour manufacturing process.