Easy on the Pocket

If its variety, you look for when choosing your E-liquid brand then Easy on the Pocket has you covered. Releasing 19 multi-layered flavours in its range of High VG 120mls shortfills, Easy on the Pocket gives you the ability to access a variety of the nation’s favourite flavour combinations you won’t get tired of and that won’t empty the bank, all of this whilst dripping in Premium UK manufacturing quality. Tastes like heaven, doesn’t cost the earth.

Drink Collection

Monster Green Energy – Easy On The Boost
Cream Soda – Easy On The Soda
Tango Ice Blast – Easy On The Blast
Berry Juice Drink – Easy On The Squash

Slush Collection

Pineapple Slush – Easy On The Cubes
Blue Raspberry Slush – Easy On The Blue
Pink Raspberry – Easy On The Pink
Mango Slush – Easy On The Slush

Dessert Collection

Salted Caramel Profiterole – Easy On The Creme
Apple Pie and Custard – Easy On The Pastry
Lemon Drizzle Cake – Easy On The Drizzle
Marshmallow Cookie – Easy On The Fluff

Fruit Collection

Rhubarb and Pear – Easy On The Tang
Strawberry and Lime – Easy On The Slime
Double Grape – Easy On The Vine
Apple and Blackcurrant – Easy On The Berry

Sweet Collection

Rainbow Sherbet – Easy On The Sherb
Strawberry Sour laces – Easy On The Laces
Sour Apple Chews – Easy On The Chews

Price: £15 inc 2x Nic Shots 80%VG 120mls

Why “Nic Shots”? Nic shots can be added to any short fill e-liquid in order to vape it with nicotine. If using a 100ml short fill bottle, adding 2x nic shots will create 120mls of 0.3% (3mg) strength E-Liquid.