Liberty Flights

Liberty Flights began in 2009 as a small family-run business in Darwen, England. Today Liberty Flights has grown into one of the most trusted and well-respected e-cigarette brands in the UK, with an ever expanding international presence. They are proud to be producing all of their XO range of e-liquids in the UK using only pharmaceutical grade nicotine and bases.

The Liberty Flights XO range of E-liquid is produced in the UK in a dedicated sterile room facilities using pharmaceutical grade nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerin; all of these ingredients are sourced in the UK from fully certified suppliers. The XO range has a variety of nicotine strengths (0.6, 1.2, 1.8% w/v) that enable the customer to control their own nicotine intake. Their products also go through a number of quality checks before they are released for sale.


Berry Nice is a delicious blend of your favourite mixed berries. Blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant all work together in harmony to give a lovely fruity flavour.
Blueberry is a beautifully sweet dark berry flavour. This subtle yet delicious berry will transport you to a summery haven.
Cherry is a sweet and flavoursome E-liquid. It has strong dark cherry tones on the inhale, leaving a slight almond note on the exhale.
Cherry Nice is a cherrylicious blend of Morello and Glacier cherry rolled into one with an added fruity note.
Forest Fruits is a nice blend of everybody’s favourite fresh berries and fruits of the forest, leaving an explosion of flavours.
Golden Apple offers a delicate, crispness that is perfectly balanced with divine sweet notes.
Grape presents you with a juicy, dark red grape flavour, capturing the taste of vine-picked grapes, accompanied by a sweet aftertaste of bubblegum.
Mango A luscious blend of sweet, fresh mango.
Strawberry is a delicate sweet strawberry that is fresh and juicy. A taste of the English countryside!
Strawberry and Kiwi the summer has come early with this delicious flavour that is clean, crisp and sweet.
Tropical Fusion is a decadent blend of fruits, bursting with exotic flavours including pineapple, mango, passion fruit and orange.
Twisted Melon delivers an abundance of juicy watermelon combined with a medley of other sweet melons.
Wonderberry includes cranberries, goji berries and blackcurrants that gives you a sweet, delicious flavour on the inhale.


Blue Crush the perfect mix of blueberries and raspberries are blended with a refreshing menthol.
Frostbite Warning!!! Bursting with eXtreme flavour, our Frostbite is rated as XXXTRA strong menthol.
Mango Ice a luscious blend of sweet, fresh mango with a cooling twist.
Menthol will not disappoint. It delivers a refreshingly strong, sharp menthol flavour that is great on its own or mix it with your favourite fruit flavours
Peppermint has strong distinct peppermint taste but is not too harsh. It is reminiscent to peppermint gum
Red Crush is a delicious mixture of cherries, red berries and grapes which are wrapped in a cooling menthol flavour.
Spearmint is a fresh spearmint flavour combined with cool menthol that leaves an amazing taste in your mouth
Strawberry Menthol is a great menthol for those wanting a fruity, sweet twist.
Winter Nip is a traditional sweet packed full of powerful flavours from the unique blend of natural herbs.


Blackjack is a fusion of liquorice and aniseed blend with a sugary sweet finish.
Bubblegum this liquid just tastes like sweet juicy gum, this will leave your mouth watering.
Jam Doughnut a rich doughnut flavour filled with sweet gooey strawberry jam and dusted with sugar.
Lemon Tart a zesty lemon layer, perfectly balanced with a buttery biscuit base and topped with a dollop of cream for a sweet finish.
Manchester Tart is a traditional English baked tart created in Manchester. It is a shortcrust pastry shell, spread with raspberry jam, then filled with creamy custard. Topped with toasty coconut flakes and a Maraschino cherry.
Pear Drops the iconic old-school, British boiled sweet. A delicious and distinctive pear flavour is wrapped in a subtle sugar coating.
Rhuberry Custard is a deliciously rich, fruity flavour. The tart rhubarb is exquisitely balanced with sweet, ripe raspberries, rounded with a good old dollop of sweet, creamy vanilla custard.
Salted Chocamel is a heavenly desert of salted caramel ice cream, blended with a nutty chocolate sauce.
Summer Rain a sweet delicate flavour of hand-picked elderflowers and juicy raspberries come together perfectly capturing the essence of warm summer days.
Twisted Ice Cream a delicious blend of iced lime and pineapple ice cream, twisted around a strawberry and lemon core.
Vanilla formally known as French Vanilla, is a rich, deep vanilla flavour.
Violet Moon is a divine combination of juicy dark berries with absinthe


British Tobacco formally know as Tobacco (Virginia), is everything you could want in a leafy, full-bodied tobacco flavour. On the inhale you taste the distinct tobacco blend with a slightly sweet note on the exhale.
RY4, formally known as RRYY44, is a delicious blend of fine light tobacco wrapped in rich, sweet caramel. It is a good choice for those with a sweet tooth but also like the tobacco flavours.
Super Highway is a strong tobacco flavour with distinctive, dry tobacco undertones that are reminiscent of real cigarettes. It is just slightly sweet with a dry, nutty edge unlike most other tobacco liquids.

E-Liquids from Liberty Flights UK Available in 10ml bottles 6mg, 12mg & 18mg strengths and a 50% PG /50%VG Ratio


£4.50ea – 2 for £8 – 3 for £10